1.  All participants must be fully paid up members of SUARC

2.  Please mark your card clearly showing the section you are entering.  You must have a different card for each horse. You must have a separate card for each section.

(for example if you have two horses and you compete in 2 different sections then you will need 4 cards.)

3.  You may collect as many points as possible per show.                                                            

4.  No Championship or Reserve placing will count towards your points.

5.  If you are representing SUARC in Area 5 teams then you will be eligible for double points.  Also if you are competing at the SUARC Summer Show then  you will also receive double points. You are responsible for calculating your own points.                      

6.  The Points Cards MUST be signed on the day, either by the Judge, Steward, Show Secretary or Show Official. Any unsigned classes will not be eligible for points. Points cards will run from AGM to AGM.

7.  All Points cards must be returned  2 weeks prior to the AGM.

8.  All Trophies are perpetual and will remain the property of SUARC.

Trophies MUST BE signed for at the awarding AGM & be returned 2 weeks prior to the next AGM


9.  The scrutiniser’s decision is final.

Points Award Scheme - Sections
Points Card